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[1/(4)6] Favorite live performances.
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Good Enough comic.

idk, i’m just having fun with photoshop.

"You want me, come find me..."

New page!

Check out my new page of icons, I’ll be uploading new icons soon.
The page it’s not complete yet, but there’s many icons you can use, so feel free!


War Story Trailer [x]

Happy News! :D


Nicole and I (Lynn) are pleased to announce that we recently got several of our very good friends to join us here at HYAL. Even though we are sorting out tags and everything now so bare with us, but, please join us in welcoming Lory, Robyn, Dede, and Ale! Ladies, thank you so much for joining us here, and we’re pleased and blessed to know you all and to have you all with us on this blog that we love. Our love of Amy is what got us to become great friends, and its fitting that you all are here with us. We love you, and welcome to Heck Yeah Amy Lee! :)