"The only world I've ever known sleeps beneath the waves..."

Official “Lockdown” preview.


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Thank you guys sooooo much. I can’t believe I have 2,000 followers. Its crazy. I want to quickly give a shout out to the people who’ve been here since I first started. Thank you guys sssooo much for sticking around. Another shout out to the very lovely people I’ve made friends with. You guys are amazing. And the last shout out to my new followers, thank you so much for hitting that follow button. I love each and every one of you. You guys are the best. I hope you all know that. I will be posting a 2k pack soon, which will contain a ton of things from icons to psds and things like that. Again, thank you guys so much. <3

congrats Robyn! and thank you <3

Amy Lee by Josh Hartzler.


Aftermath Teaser Trailer #2


Don’t miss the Q&A between Amy & James tomorrow on Rolling Stones !

"I'm not afraid to dream, to sleep, sleep forever..."

rosestormborn: Happy birthday! Sorry I'm late, I wasn't at home this weekend :( Hope you had a great day!

don’t worry, and sorry for answer this too late, thank you <3

i’m absent a few days and… Amy has an official page? a new song is coming? a new album is coming?


happy-blood: Happy Birthday! With good wishes!:)

thanks ^^ !